Roundmeadow Labradors

In 1990, Don and I moved to New Freedom, Pennsylvania to share 3.2 acres and a 250-year-old farmhouse with Casey (who came with the 3.2 acres and 250-year-old farmhouse).

Casey was a 4-year-old female black Labrador Retriever. We had never experienced the breed before this and were in for the "thrill of our lives". We were so impressed by this breed that in 1993, we purchased an 8-week-old chocolate female by the name of Abbeygayle of Roundmeadow. We quickly presented Abbey to Casey for her motherly rearing, which she took to gladly. Sadly, we lost Casey in her fifteenth year.

CH Sunnybrook Acres Ace O' Spade UD TDX
CH Shamrock Acres Ebonylane Ace
CH Sunnybrook Acres Ray's Honey UD
CH Suisse Mocha of Cherrywood CD
CH Shamrock Acre Fringe Benefit
CH Shamrock Acres Peg of My Heart
CH Sunnybrook Acres Black Gold
CH Jagersbo Hope of Aquarius
DC AFC Trumarc's Tripe Threat

We decided if her hips certified, we would breed her . . . you can probably guess the rest of the story. We lost Abbey in her fourteenth year. She is credited with four generations of beautiful chocolate pups.

When my son, Eric, left home for 5-1/2 years in the U.S. Navy, I felt a strong need to continue nurturing. This is when Don and I decided to establish Roundmeadow Labradors.

Roundmeadow, New Freedom, PA

Main Male Building

Main Male Building Entrance

Inside Main Male Building

Puppy Nursery

Puppy Nursery Exercise Yard

Inside Puppy Nursery (occupied)

Main Female Kennel

Abbey's beau was Brecken Co-Worker Belquest (Calvin). From this litter, we acquired Hannalorali of Roundmeadow (Hanna), one of our chocolate females. Unfortunately, we lost Hanna in her ninth year while in retirement to cancer.

Then came our first yellow, Sadie Mae of Roundmeadow (Sadie). Her beau has been Tarpoints Boomer Can Do (Boomer). Sadly, after nine years in retirement, we lost our beloved Sadie. From the litters they have produced, we had five daughters . . . Katie Maguire of Roundmeadow (Katie) now retired, Boomer Can Do Kelly Roundmeadow (Kelly), Roundmeadow Daisy Mae (Daisy), Forever Liberty at Roundmeadow (Libby)(all retired), and America's Patriot at Roundmeadow (Patty) who passed away while in retirement. We also have two granddaughters out of Patty: Luke's Calico Girl at Roundmeadow (Callie)(now retired) and Tara's Magic at Roundmeadow (Maggie, again), and great-granddaughter, Marty.

We also had a black female, Casey's Shadow at Roundmeadow (Shadow). She is such a reminder of her namesake, our original labrador, Casey. Shadow is retired and enjoying being a "queen".

In 2003, we added Ever a Bright Sky at Roundmeadow (Skylar). Skylar is the granddaughter of our retired chocolate male, Koty, and Dickendall Amberlyn U Never Know (Noah). Skylar now resides at Hoot'n'Holler Kennels in Manchester, Maryland. In 2003, we also added Ivy Spring's Corey at Roundmeadow (Corey)(now retired) from Ivy Spring Labradors, and Black Magic at Roundmeadow (Maggie) of our own breeding. Maggie enjoyed the show ring and is currently living with her new family in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.

Today, we have eighteen dogs here at Roundmeadow; six males and twelve females, of which five are currently "breeder hopefuls" and two are nearing retirement. We welcome you to come visit Roundmeadow, and of course, to meet the "gang".

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