Initial Puppy Letter

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a puppy from Roundmeadow Labradors. Below you will find the step-by-step process we follow:

  1. You will be placed on the Waiting List once we receive your application and Waiting List Fee in the amount of $100. The Waiting List Fee is non-refundable if you change your mind or are unable to take the puppy available to you. If we cannot provide a puppy for you, it will be refunded to you, or the Waiting List Fee will be transferred to a puppy from another litter.

  2. We will contact you from time to time: When the female is in season; when she has successfully bred (10 to 20 days after first sign of season); at the time her pregnancy is obvious (approximately 34 days after second successful breeding date); when she shows signs of nesting, restlessness, loss of appetite, about to whelp; when the puppies are born.


  3. At the time we call to let you know exactly what puppies are available (this is considered the time of "commitment"), it is then your responsibility to get a deposit of $500 (the full purchase price is $1200) to us as soon as possible in order to reserve your puppy. (The $100 Waiting List fee is added to your deposit payment, for a total of $600.) The final payment of $600 is due in cash at the time you take your puppy home.

  4. Once your deposit is received, you will have full visitation rights. You can come by after noon on Saturdays and Sundays (this allows us to do our chores before you arrive). We need you to help us socialize the puppies. The puppies can be handled after they are moved to the Puppy Nursery (at three-to-four weeks of age). We suggest that you bring with you on one of your visits an old bath towel to rub on mom. You can then place the towel in a plastic bag until your puppy comes home. Use it as bedding in the crate for your puppy on the first few nights . . . having mom's scent close by will surely help during the transition. You may want to save an old, scented (worn by you and not washed) t-shirt to also place in the crate so your pup has your scent as well. Each family member should do the same.

  5. The puppies will have their dewclaws removed at three to five days of age. Their eyes and ears are closed until about fifteen days of age. At about three weeks of age, they will be moved from the whelping area to the Puppy Nursery. Each Monday, we will place on the "Current Litters" page of this website updated photos of the litter.

  6. Also at three weeks of age, we will start to feed the pups wet-down solid puppy kibble. The cotton mats will need to be replaced more often. Up until this time, mom will clean the pups, but when we start feeding them puppy food, it is up to us to do the cleanup. As they grow and eat more at each feeding, you may notice the whelping box may not be as clean. Please excuse us as it is hard to keep up at times.

  7. At four weeks of age, the pups will receive a Parva inoculation as a precaution.

  8. When it is time for you to choose your pup, (usually, this occurs between four and five weeks of age), this will be done in the order that you were added to the waiting list and according to the order in which your name appears on the Litter Record. The microchip will be inserted once you choose your pup to identify him/her. Also, at five weeks of age, the puppies will receive their first worming.

  9. Prior to taking your pup home, contact your veterinarian regarding his/her schedule for your pup to receive future inoculations.

  10. On nice, mild temperature days, you are welcome to take the pups out to play. They will love it and you will, too.

  11. At seven weeks of age, each pup will receive his/her first series of inoculations and second worming prior to a very thorough, complete physical examination by our Veterinarian, Nancy R. Powel, DVM, Maryland Mobile Veterinary Clinic (410-597-9237). Each pup will be examined individually and we will discuss his/her weaning experience, sociability and health. If all is well individually, the pups will be ready to go to their new homes at eight weeks of age.

  12. When you take your pup home, it is suggested that you crate train. We will give you a CD which will introduce you to this training tool and touch on other behavioral training, as well. Ask us about our "no charge" private training class for you and your pup.

  13. The pups are currently eating Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy. If you choose not to continue using this food, we recommend that you feed your pup a large breed puppy food, with a "meat" as the main ingredient (listed first on the packaging). Start with one and a half cups of kibble per feeding in one bowl, along with water in a second bowl. Allow twenty minutes to consume. If the pup is done in less time, increase the amount. If the pup is not finished in the allotted time, decrease the amount. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD FOR THE PUP TO EAT AT LEISURE. Give two feedings per day, one in the morning and one at dinner time. As the pup matures, increase to no more than two full cups twice a day for the rest of the pup's life (if crated during the day, do not increase the morning feeding). Do not leave food or water in the crate. At four (males) to five (females) months of age, CHANGE THE FORMULA TO LARGE BREED ADULT. Large and giant breed dogs are susceptible to Osteochondritis (underdevelopment of the cartilage in the joints, i.e., the shoulder and knees). Their bones grow at a rapid pace and the cartilage cannot keep up.

We wish you years of enjoyment with your new pup and hope that you will keep in touch and visit often.

Don and Arlene Renninger

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