Only By Chance At Roundmeadow


SR499994201 (AKC Registration)

355116 (CERF)

#1363439 "Good" (OFA Preliminary-hips)

#1363439 "Normal" (OFA Preliminary-elbows)


Note: Dogs listed in red have earned titles - Dogs listed in blue have not earned titles

Spencers Little Buddy

Ravenhill TLC  Meet Joe Black 

CH Beechcroft's Regal Air

CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver

CH Beechcrofts Trifolium 

Ravenhill's Liberty

CH Linrays Over The Top

Ravenhill's Kiss Me Caitlin

Starquests Catch The Rainbow

Mtn Meadow Driven To Please

CH Karousel Pleasure Seeker

Freida Lynn Haines 

Beaulahlands Winters Night

Mika's Mountain Man of Penara

Beaulah Lands Amazin Grace

Starquests Peppermint Twist

CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley

    Sandylands     Gad-About

Sandylands My Guy

Sandylands Bliss

Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott

Newinn Oak Leaf  At Kimvalley

Kimvalley Last Fling

Ridge View Sugar Bear Bleu

CH Ridge View Bugs Bunny

CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH

CH Ridge View   Bleu Bunny
Ridge View Sunchaser 
CH Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance
CH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear

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